FST3850 Food Product Development

Engaging Industry in Food Product Development

One of the most interesting units in the Bachelor of Food Science and Technology course is FST3850 Food Product Development. This year three unit provides a hands-on product development experience to students from concept to the consumer. This unit is run in partnership with the Food Industry which contributes food ingredients and is invited to provide feedback on the marketability, cost, shelf life and product innovations of the food products that students develop. 

Students work in groups, combining knowledge learned from their previous semesters to develop a new food product. This involves planning, management and assessment of a product from conceptualisation to launch. This industry-relevant unit integrates knowledge of ingredients, processing techniques, packaging materials, consumer demand and consumer preferences. The product development project allows students to gain experience in team building, to enhance communication skills, and to solve scientific and technical problems. It definitely provides added value to students’ Curriculum Vitae. There is no final exam: assessment is based on participation and teamwork, quizzes, and the project itself (concept paper, group presentation, product exhibition, reports). 

Feedback from students: 

Lee Tze-Gene

“I have gained knowledge in the field of product development. Product appeal, shelf life and consumer preferences are very important. I have also learnt that product appearance and health benefits are more important than taste.” 

Khoo Yue Lin 

“It was a very interesting unit. Although we have to stay back very often just to try out our products, we got to learn a lot of stuff. For example, we learned to use the instruments or machines that we used to test hardness, colour, PH, etc. We also learned a lot of hands-on laboratory work which we will be able to manage in the future. This unit also helps us to improve interactions between lecturer and students.”