Predictive Modelling of Upper Intestinal Absorption of Dietary Phytochemicals to Optimise for Health Benefits in Humans


Fruits and vegetables are good for health and contain bioactive compounds that provide protection against diseases. After consumption, these compounds are transiently present in the body and factors controlling timespans were not understood. This presentation will cover a systematic approach to predicting absorption and clearance times of these bioactive compounds, based on chemical structures. Further, the mechanisms by which these compounds protect our health were found to be associated with their ability to stimulate our antioxidant defence.

Speaker's Profile:

Dr Sophie Selby-Pham is a research fellow from the Bennett group at School of Chemistry, Monash University (Clayton, Australia). She is visiting Monash Malaysia to work on characterisation of phytochemicals extracted from palm oil waste. Her work focuses on absorption and health benefits of phytochemicals with an application in reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. She completed a PhD degree and a Master of Food Science degree from The University of Melbourne, Australia and a Bachelor of Chemical ngineering from The Ho Chi Minh University of Techonology, Vietnam. Her main research interests include food chemistry, ioactive components of foods and food processing.