Motorized Inverted Microscope


Model: Eclipse Ti2-E

Manufacturer: Nikon


The Eclipse Ti2 delivers an unparalleled 25mm field of view (FOV) that revolutionizes the way you see. With this incredible FOV, the Ti2 maximizes the sensor area of large-format CMOS cameras without making compromises, and significantly improves data throughput. The Ti2's exceptionally stable, drift-free platform is designed to meet the demands of super-resolution imaging while its unique hardware-triggering capabilities enhance even the most challenging, high-speed imaging applications.

Furthermore, the Ti2's unique, intelligent functions guide users through imaging workflows by gathering data from internal sensors, eliminating the possibility of user errors. In addition, the status of each sensor is automatically recorded during acquisition, providing quality control for imaging experiments and enhancing data reproducibility.

Technical Specifications
PropertiesEclipse Ti2-E
Output port4 motorized positions: Eyepiece 100%, left 100%, right 100%, Eyepiece 20% / 80% (Ti2-E/B: bottom 100%)
Focusing UnitMotorized drive, coarse/fine focus changeover, 10 mm stroke, minimum increments: 0.01 µm, 0.02 µm (with encoder control)
Motorized eyepiece tube base unit for external PH Camera port (field number 16), motorized PH turret with 4 motorized positions
Pillar for transmitted illumination 
Condenser vertical stroke: 66mm
Backward tilting up to 25 degrees
Field diagram and refocusing mechanism
2 filter slot positions (4 filter position option is also available with Filter Slider for transmitted illumination - TI2-D-SF)
Motorized condenser turret 7 motorized positions (ø37mm x 4, ø39mm x 3), LWD/ELWD/CLWD/NAMC condenser lenses are supported
Intelligent condenser turret 7 manual positions (ø37mm x 4, ø39mm x 3), Status Detection, LWD/ELWD/CLWD/NAMC condenser lenses are supported
Motorized stage
Stroke X: ± 57 mm
Stroke Y: ± 36.5 mm
Max drive speed: 25mm /seconds
Magnetic sample holder
Controller, display deviceStage joystick (TI2-S-JS), Tablet


Person in charge: Zaidatul Nadia Binti Zainal

Lab location: 3-5-23A

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Contact number: +603-55161620