Research areas

Supervisor NameResearch Areas
A/Prof. Catherine Yule Tropical aquatic ecology, freshwater invertebrates, tropical peat swamps, leaf litter decomposition
Dr. Cheow Yuen Lin Natural Product Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
Dr. Chen Won Sun, Sharon Burnout, cross cultural validation study, quality of life, public health, data mining, applied statistics
Prof. Christopher Austin Animal biodiversity and evolution with a major emphasis on genomics, molecular genetics and conservation of aquatic organisms, commercial fish and shellfish species
Prof. Chow Sek Chuen Immunotoxicology, mechanisms and regulation of apoptosis/program cell death, T lymphocyte biology and signalling
Dr. Choo Wee Sim Bioactive compounds in foods, enzyme technology and lipid technology
Prof. David Young Organometallic chemistry, materials science, catalysis, coordination chemistry
Dr. Goh Joo Kheng, Emily Natural product chemistry, electroanalytical chemistry
Dr. Holly Barclay Freshwater ecology and conservation in SE Asia
Dr. Hue Seow Mun, Jasmine Biotechnology, molecular biology, plant secondary metabolites and plant entomology
A/Prof. Kumaran Narayanan Molecular biology
Dr. Lau Khim Heng Microanalysis of biological materials' and 'Environmental Health
Dr. Lee Sui Mae Antibiotic-resistant-Gram-positive pathogens, bacterial physiology, continuous culture and proteomics
Dr. Lee Wai Leng Cancer cell biology, molecular pharmacology, proteomics
A/Prof. Lim Yau Yan Natural products chemistry, food chemistry, physical inorganic chemistry
Dr. New Jaa Yien Molecular biology, protein expression and antibody engineering, develop potential treatment for hematology related illnesses through application of antibody engineering.
Dr. Neeraj Gupta Neuroscience (age-related memory decline), medical physiology, clinical biochemistry
Dr. Ngin Cin Khai Heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (HB-EGF) in tissue injuries and regeneration. HB-EGF and its associated protein tetraspannin CD9 in cell signalling and tissue regeneration.
Dr. Ng Si Ling Wastewater treatment, bioremediation, adsorption, bioregeneration of adsorbents
Dr. Pushpamalar Janarthanan Polymer chemistry
Dr. Robyn Wilson Vertebrate ecology
Prof. Sadequr Rahman Genetics and genomics of tropical organisms
Dr. Siow Lee Fong Frozen food chemistry, thermal analysis, microencapsulation and controlled release
Dr. Song Beng Kah Genomics; transcriptomics; population genetics; molecular evolution
A/Prof. Song Keang Peng Medical and dental microbiology, molecular biology of periodontal diseases
Prof. Sunil Lal Molecular Virology and Emerging Infectious Diseases. Molecular Biology of Influenza A and Ebola virus
Dr. Tan Ban Lee, Joash Natural products chemistry and microbiology
Dr. Thoo Yin Yin Ultrasound-assisted extraction of bioactive compounds and antioxidant interactions
Dr. Ton So Ha Human biochemistry, clinical biochemistry/chemical pathology and molecular biology
Dr. Ting Su Yien, Adeline Applied microbiology