Fathima Jumana, Mansoor

Fathima Jumana, Mansoor - Bachelor of Medical Bioscience
Dean's List Award 2020

The first year of my Medical Bioscience degree as an international student here at Monash Malaysia was extraordinary and nothing I had expected. Due to the circumstances, we’re in, it consisted of half a year of physical learning and another half a year of online learning.
Adapting to these changes, let alone being an international student, made for a testing situation. But my determination to understand what I am passionate about and my hunger for new ideas has kept me motivated. In addition to that, the friends I made at Monash also greatly helped me brave through it all.
Coming to Malaysia has been such a pleasant experience as I was able to make a lot of friends from different cultures. The lecturers have been just as helpful, advising us every step of the way. We were encouraged to be intellectually active and creative. The novel ways in which we were assessed was quite an experience. My limits were tested, and I felt challenged. My advice to other students is to set your goals early and work slowly towards them, but still let yourself be guided through whatever outcome that results, be it expected or unexpected.