Jonald Low

Low, Jonald Rui Teng - Bachelor of Medical Bioscience
Dean's List Award 2020
Setting yourself a target is crucial in achieving high academic performance as it motivates us to strive towards our goals. For me, I have the intention of furthering my studies to PhD to realize my dream of becoming an expert in genetic diseases. As a result, I find myself making great strides not only academically, but also personally where I see myself becoming more discipline and having better grasp at time management.
It is alright if you have yet to decide on what to do for your future, there is still time to ponder and set your targets. The key is to follow your heart. I am fortunate to have found what I love doing. I really like my course too! Other than the lecture contents we need to learn, classes have also been packed with interesting tutorials and labs. These practicals allow you to put the theories you have learnt to test, forging a deeper understanding of the subject.
More importantly, it also enhances the bonding between group members, whereby I’ve met a lot of new friends. Speaking of friends, I love how Monash offers me the work-life balance I need, unlike my secondary school life where it was all just studying. Lastly, I would like to advise current students not to procrastinate until the last minute as the hecticness of rushing is nerve-wracking.