Kok Xue Lin

Kok Xue Lin - Bachelor of Food Science and Technology
Dean's List Award 2020

I am often motivated by the sense of accomplishment that comes from excelling my studies with all the hard work and effort I put in. Other than that, I have always wanted to make my parents proud and show them that I am capable of achieving excellent results. I love studying Science in Monash because it allows me to more ambitious, to reflect and explore into the unlimited potential of Science.
In Monash, I have access to great lecturers and proper complete facilities, which largely aided the progress of my studies. As someone who is often intrigued by the science behind food, I am very glad that I’ve chosen Food Science and Technology as my science course. I was able to learn about how the combination of different technologies and science could lead to the development of new food products and improvement of the existing food system.
My advice to current Monash Malaysia students is to set a goal for yourself, work hard and always try your best. Even when things get stressful, do not back down and confront all your challenges head on instead. The thing I love most about my student life in Monash would probably be the fact that I am able to learn new things academically while also discovering myself in the process of learning.