Leong Vi Vern

Leong Vi Vern - Bachelor of Medical Bioscience
Dean's List Award 2020

Studying Medical Bioscience at Monash is one of the most challenging yet rewarding opportunities I have experienced. One of the unapparelled aspects of learning science in Monash is the quality of education and the laboratory facilities, especially as the content taught is highly specialized and in-depth.My course allows me to learn and research on the workings of the human body, and the most interesting part of this course for me is the study of various human diseases. As a student, I find that interaction during classes with lecturers and tutors motivates me to learn more, especially upon receiving feedback on my work and ideas. During my time here in Monash, I realized that the support from my course-mates was essential in my student life, particularly in the many group assignments and projects throughout the course.