Ler Kay Voon

Ler Kay Voon - Bachelor of Medical Bioscience
Dean's List Award 2020

Studying Medical Bioscience has further fuelled my interest and broadened my view in the Science and Technology industry. Despite its difficulty, my desire to excel has motivated me to keep pushing forward. My whole experience at Monash has been fulfilling. Aside from the insightful theories the lecturers provide, they also ensure students to have plenty of hands-on approaches. Additionally, I feel well supported as most of the teaching staff I have encountered were responsible, helpful and enthusiastic. At times when we need a breather, I love how club activities are happening every week. There are also efforts in promoting inclusivity and anti-discrimination, which made me feel extra safe in Monash’s community. As a word of advice, I’d like to encourage all fellow Monashians to keep trying, stay motivated and not to procrastinate as there is no room for that in Monash’s hectic schedule. Nevertheless, always get enough rest and give yourself breaks when needed.