Soffi Law

Soffi Law Kei Kei - Bachelor of Medical Bioscience
Dean's List Award 2020

Learning Science at Monash has been a holistic experience. I love how the school offers a hands-on learning environment, and not just entirely lectured based. With this kind of study structure, students have the advantage of picking up technical skills essential for future careers. In addition, the university also provides internship opportunities (which I too undertook) to give students a taste of the real working world.
Frankly speaking, my learning journey had been challenging, particularly during the first semester as I had yet gotten used to the education system. However, I did not let that be the fall of me. Instead, I set myself goals and let my burning curiosity towards Medical Bioscience lead the way. Things turned better after gaining myself strong support from friends and lecturers. I'm immensely grateful for the lecturers whose guidance edified me into someone with better time management and problem-solving skills.
As a word of advice to current Monashians, proper time management is key to success. Don’t pull off until tomorrow on the things you can do today. If you find yourself stuck on thinking or studying, form a study group to do revisions together. That way, it’d be much more fun and effective.