Amanda Chai

Amanda Chai Min Min - Bachelor of Medical Bioscience
Dean's List Award 2020

I’ve always been intrigued by Science because it has no limits. My curiosity has made me even keen to learn something new, which brings me to taking up a Science course here at Monash. Learning here has been fun and rewarding. Thanks to the lecturers who not only enlighten us with useful knowledge but also provide safe spaces for students to cultivate critical thinking.
I like how they implement active learning throughout our course, and how they’re always easily reachable whenever we’re stuck in our studies. I really enjoyed my academic experience in Monash, although at times it can be stressful. It’s important not to lose heart as learning is not always easy.
Hence, my advice to current students is to find your passion for learning, be a voracious lifelong learner. Because without passion, we won’t be motivated to do better. Fortunately, this academic journey has been made easy with a bunch of good friends I met in university. Their companionship brings me great comfort, reminding me that I’m not doing this alone.