Tong Shi Cheng

Tong Shi Cheng - Bachelor of Food Science and Technology
Dean's List Award 2020
My motivation to learn has always stemmed from wanting to know more and fearing of not having a sense of direction in life. Monash certainly helped guide the way with their diverse and comprehensive courses. I love how the course map is well structured, allowing individuals to build on previous knowledge with ample hands-on opportunities that include an internship as well!
All this has prompted me to develop a mindset that views things from multiple perspectives and in a very subjective manner. Though I must admit things can get stressful sometimes, especially when you’re aiming for the stars. But as long as you work hard and take every assessment seriously, earning a high distinction grade is actually conducive. The key is to find balance. Aside from studying, be active and participate in the myriad of activities available on campus.
To all freshies and fellow friends, after being in university for a while, I’d like to advise you all to know what you want to achieve in these 3 years and work towards it. Extended semesters can be stultifying, it won’t be the same experience as your first three years. So take your studies to heart, cherish and make the most of it while you’re there.