Wong Ka Heng

Wong Ka Heng - Bachelor of Medical Bioscience
Dean's List Award 2020

Knowledge is infinite. I believe learning doesn’t end after graduation nor retirement. It is a way of life. As such, it shouldn’t limit to solely school curriculums, which is why I’m passionate to learn as much as I can in my lifetime. And with that mindset, I was able to brave through the hard times I had during my Medical Bioscience course.
Not going to lie, the academic experience has been hectic and quite stressful. Countless days of never-ending workload, though I always try to plan and begin work early to avoid being overwhelmed. In the long run, it does make you flounder. Hence, my advice: take well-needed breaks now and then. Without rest, we’re more prone to making mistakes. Thus, needing more time to make amendments. So instead of stubbornly working like a raging bull, take a breather to clear your mind.
Before you think university life is all work and no play, it isn’t. I’ve found the best thing about student life to be the people you meet and the relationships fostered. My time here has exposed me to various individuals, all with a life purpose to teach me valuable lessons like open-mindedness and respect. Overall, undeniably, Monash has allowed me to grow and flourish into a better teammate, friend, and individual that I am today.