Yeo Kai Chieh

Yeo Kai Chieh - Bachelor of Food Science and Technology
Dean's List Award 2020

I am beyond honoured to be recognized as one of the recipients of Monash University’s 2019 Dean List Award. In regards to that, I have my wonderful and supportive lecturers to thank for. Their enthusiastic teaching propels the curiosity in me to venture deeper into Food Science & Technology. Overall, my academic experience has been fun, though it also comes with considerable stress. Luckily, I’ve met some great course mates, whereby we were each other’s support and motivation. Hard to believe, after pulling through thick and thin together, we’re finally in our Third Year now. It seems like only yesterday that I had my first day of university, building new friendships, and now we’re a step closer to graduating. Time flies, so live a life without regrets. Be happy about what you are doing and always have faith in yourself.