Ailee Chua

Please describe your experience with SCI3990.

Taking this research unit during the semester in addition to juggling the workload of other units was honestly pretty challenging, but it was all worth it as I managed to not only further enhance my laboratory skills, I also gained some soft skills with the help of my supervisors and lab seniors. From designing the research, to conducting the experiments and writing my own thesis, their continuous guidance and support inspired me to continue and eventually complete my project. Furthermore, SCI3990 has given me the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in the lab including learning to use laboratory equipment that we rarely get to use during practical classes.

What qualities did you acquire after completing SCI3990?

Apart from the laboratory skills, I have gained invaluable soft skills including self-motivation and time management skills. While juggling with multiple assignments of other units, I had to manage my time to go to the lab and keep up with my research while also prioritizing tasks that I had to complete for each day.

Would you encourage other current students to enrol into SCI3990? Why?

Yes, definitely. If you are unsure whether research is a career path for you, try taking this short term research project which gives you research experience in only one semester.