Melissa Lim Beng Lee

Please describe your experience with SCl3990.

Hectic and frustrating. My supervisor (Dr Joash Tan) was very kind and helpful, but also does not spoon-feed me, and encourage me to learn from my mistakes and move forward despite the many obstacles and challenges I've faced with my research (failed results, no results). His unflinching attitude in tackling these setbacks were admiring. Furthermore, he encouraged to try new topics (when the opportunity arises) and deviate from the common, usual pathways. The facilities were satisfactory, though it would be great if some equipment were more readily available.

What qualities did you acquire after completing SCI3990?

I learnt to be more patient, and not to give up easily when faced with setbacks. To keep pushing forward and continue trying, even if it kept yielding results that were not desired, as we can learn from the negative results and try to improve on the methods/procedures.

Would you encourage other current students to enrol into SCI3990? Why?

Yes. This unit gave me a new outlook when doing research. First I thought that nothing would go wrong and it would be smooth all the way. However, I still obtained undesired results. This unit can teach future students the hard work in research and the satisfaction of obtaining results from trial and error, and allow students an insight on what it means to do research, where anything can go wrong, but the important fact is to keep moving forward.