Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Entry requirements

  • Successful completion of a Bachelor of Science (or equivalent) with at least distinction average (70 percent) in 24 points of level three units (or equivalent) in the intended honours discipline.
  • The level three units upon which admission to the Honours program is based must have been completed no more than five years prior to commencement of the course.
  • Double degree students: Applicants who are enrolled in a Monash double degree course and who have not yet completed the requirements for the two degrees, may be eligible to enrol in this honours program once they have completed 144 points of study, including all requirements for the Bachelor of Science component.
  • In addition, the Monash University minimum English language requirements for undergraduate students also apply to the Science Honours program.

General Information

  • There are two intakes per year (February and July intakes). Application for February intake will close in November and application for July intake will close in May/ June. The Honours topic list is updated in April for July intake and September for February intake. The tuition fee for the course can be found here.
  • Achievement of the 70% average does not guarantee admission to Honours as in some disciplines there are limited projects available and/or competition for certain projects.
  • Graduate Research Pathway Scholarship (GRPS) is available and the selection is based on academic merit. All Honours applications will be assessed for GRPS eligibility. No separate application for GRPS is required.
  • There is only February intake for Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology. If your major is in Psychology, please contact the Department of Psychology for the application process and deadline (please refer to the Inquiries information below for the email contact).

Information for Monash students

  • This course is applicable for students enrolled in Bachelor of Food Science and Technology,  Bachelor of Medical Bioscience, and Bachelor of Science. There are 6 honours research areas - biotechnology, food science and technology, medical bioscience, medicinal chemistry, tropical environmental biology, and psychology. For students majoring in applied microbiology or genomics and bioinformatics in Bachelor of Science, you will select biotechnology as the research area when applying for Bachelor of Science (Honours). If your major is in Psychology, please contact the Department of Psychology for the application process and deadline (please refer to the Inquiries information below for the email contact).
  • The 2022 honours prerequisites table explains what is the prerequisite study as per the intended discipline (please take note that the internship units- FST3800, MBS3800, and SCI3800 are excluded).
  • If you are interested to pursue Bachelor of Science (Honours), you will apply in your final semester before the release of the final semester result. Please refer to the application deadline and application process below.
  • If your final semester is in the summer semester, the next available intake is July intake.
  • If you have pending results (e.g. deferred exam/ supplementary assessment/ exchange semester result) when the official result is released, your application will be rejected because we are unable to process your application without a complete official result.
  • For international students, it is advisable that you consult International Student Pass Office or check their website on student pass matters regarding progression from current degree to Bachelor of Science (Honours).
  • Note: If you are interested to pursue Monash's Master of Science (Research), one of the entry requirements is to complete bachelor’s degree requiring at least four years of full-time study, and which normally includes a research component in the fourth year with upper H2B (a mark of 65 or above) in an honours year in a relevant field (please refer to the website for other entry requirements). This means that Bachelor of Science (Honours) is one of the entry requirements to Monash's Master of Science (Research).

Information for non-Monash students

We encourage students from outside of Monash to apply for Honours at Monash. Please refer to the application deadline below. Check the University undergraduate handbook for level three requirements for your discipline and seek advice from the Honours coordinator.

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Application deadline (July intake 2022)

  • 27 May 2022 - Non-Monash students and Monash graduates
  • 30 June 2022 - Monash students (current students)

How to apply?

  1. Please refer to the Honours Topics for July intake 2022.
  2. Contact the supervisors to discuss your potential honours project before completing this Honours Project Form (Note: Please use PDF filler to fill in the details in the Honours Project Form. No printing is required).
  3. Apply S3701 Bachelor of Science (Honours) online, upload the complete Honours Project Form and supervisor approval email(s) in PDF format.

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