Internal course transfer to School of Science

You must meet the course prerequisites and your internal course transfer application will be considered based on the following:

  1. You have successfully completed at least 12 credit points of a Monash University course.
  2. You must normally achieve a minimum 50% average if transferring from a science course and 60% average if transferring from a non-science course.
  3. Your entire academic record.
  4. Your personal statement and other documentary evidence submitted with the application.


  • International students- It is important that you read this site because a change in course requires you to apply for a new Student Pass. You must consult the International Student Pass (ISP) Office before submitting the application to Education Management Office.
  • Students of Diploma of Higher Education Studies (DHES) must fulfill the minimum admission requirements for progression to science courses.

Please refer to this link for application deadlines.