Vice-Chancellor's Education Excellence Awards Nomination

A special mention for the First Year Biology Team, comprising Monash University Malaysia and Monash University Australia School of Science academics who have been nominated for the prestigious  Vice Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence.

They are recognized for being innovative and enthusiastic educators who deliver foundation year biology education to a  very large and culturally diverse cohort.

Among the units taught are BIO 1011: Blueprints for life and BIO1022: Life on Earth which represent the two largest units consisting of approximately 2100 students each year over two campuses; Clayton and Malaysia, and also BIO1042: Life in the environment- a unit catering to a smaller cohort of 400 students and offered in Clayton only.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish them the Best of luck and Congratulations on the nomination!

First-Year Biology Team Members :

  • Associate Professor Song Keang Peng
  • Dr Lee Wai Leng
  • Dr Patrick Tan Hock Siew
  • Dr Lim Voon Ching
  • Dr  Thomas Hiscox
  • Dr Kelly Merring
  • Dr Callum Vidor
  • Dr Benjamin Seyer
  • Dr Richard Burker
  • Professor Richard Reina
  • Christopher Wilson
  • Brenton Marshall
  • Shirley Davy-Prefumo