Kimberly Aw Moon San

Please describe your experience with SCI3990. 

SCl3990 was entirely different from all the units that I have taken throughout my university life. In comparison to other units whereby the core part comprises attending lectures, and studying for exam, this unit is completely different in the sense that I am more involved within the research field and practical part of science. Unlike lectures whereby lecturers are the ones who have to plan and give lectures, in this unit I am the one who have to plan ahead on what I want to do each day before going to the laboratory. Besides, in traditional units whereby students only need to conduct the experiment which lasts only two to three hours, I am to conduct an experiment which spans approximately 12 weeks. I have to keep track of all the data that I have accumulated since the first week of experiment and learn to troubleshoot when experiments have gone wrong and repeat them.

What qualities did you acquire after completing SCI3990?

I have learned to keep track of my data and plan my experiment besides learning to read up extensively on my topic from many different sources.

Would you encourage other current students to enrol into SCI3990? Why?

Yes, I would strongly recommend other current students to enrol into SCl3990 but I would recommend them to take during summer. This would allow them more time to repeat their experiment if anything goes wrong or if they need to read up more extensively. Besides, this unit has given me a glimpse as to whether I really like research, how Honours really is and whether I would like to pursue it. Besides, it also allows students to determine which field really interests them and gain the practical skills needed if they would like to pursue research in the future.