IUFoST accreditation

11 May 2019

If food is your passion but cooking is not, not to worry because being a chef is not the only option to connect with your ardor. You can be a food technologist, a nutritional therapist, a product development scientist or even a consumer safety officer. The key is to have a background in food science and technology.

This area of study is suited for students who have less interest in culinary techniques but have more fascination with the scientific and technical aspects of food. For instance, to understand the chemical reactions of food, the health effects on the body after consumption or the methods of how food is prepared and preserved.

There is very much a demand for such talents in food industries especially in domains like food product development, production, quality assurance and control, sensory analysis, food laws and regulations, sales and marketing, and management.

Since 2016, our Bachelor of Food Science and Technology is accredited by the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) as having met international standards and guidelines for outcome-based programs. Monash Malaysia is the first private tertiary institution in the country to have received such accreditation. Approval of the accreditation was based on our course content and quality, which was assessed by interaction with the local food industry, government, and non-government organizations (NGOs).

IUFoST is the global federation of national scientific organisations representing more than 300,000 food scientists and technologists from over 75 countries. It has five regional groupings: ALACCTA representing Central and South America, EFFoST representing Europe, FIFSTA representing the ASEAN region, MENAFoST representing the Middle East and North Africa, and WAAFoST representing West Africa. IUFoST’s mission is to stimulate the ongoing exchange of knowledge in those scientific disciplines and technologies relating to the expansion, improvement, distribution, and conservation of the world's food supply.