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Conduct and Compliance documents

You may find a database of Monash University Malaysia’s Conduct and Compliance documents here. Some of the relevant documents have been highlighted below.

Ethics University Statement

This Ethics Statement details the ethical values and principles that are expected of all staff and students as members of the Monash community. It is comprised of general principles, which guide individuals in their decision-making. It should inspire us, and challenge us to identify, consider, discuss and resolve ethical questions.

Resolution of Unacceptable Behaviour Procedure

Monash University Malaysia is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for work and study that is free from unacceptable behaviour and where staff, students and other members of the University community are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

The Resolution of Unacceptable Behaviour Procedure is intended to be applied in cases where it is alleged that an individual has been subjected to unacceptable behaviour in the course of work or academic study at Monash University Malaysia.

Staff/Student Relationships Procedure

At a university, professional relationships between staff and students which facilitate learning, research and the exchange of ideas should be facilitated and encouraged. The purpose of this procedure is to explain the expectations of staff members with respect to their dealings with students, including relationships with students.

List of Grievance Advisers

A total of 19 Grievance Advisers from various schools and units have been appointed and trained to assist with your grievance procedure. You may find their contact details here.

Please feel free to contact any one of the Grievance Advisers listed and they would be able to assist you with the reporting procedures of your grievance matters.

Ethics and Professional Conduct Sessions

As part of efforts to build a culture of integrity and respect within the campus, Human Resource (HR) facilitates awareness sessions on Ethics and Professional Conduct regularly.

The sessions will include case studies on sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination to develop awareness on effective work habits and build a respectful work environment. Some of the relevant policies and procedure that are covered include Resolution of Unacceptable Behavior, Staff-Student Relationships and Conflict of Interest.

For further information, please contact HR Service Desk (ext. 44475) or email to for further enquiry and clarification.