Lee Fei Yee

"Monash University provides the gateway to an international education at an affordable fee."

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) (2013)

  1. Full name/ nationality.

    Lee Fei Yee / Malaysian.

  2. Describe your general work scope and experience.

    Contrary to the conventional working pathways of pharmacists in general, I am currently based at Clinical Research Centre under Ministry of Health as a pharmacist. My work portfolio is inclined towards clinical research with diverse responsibilities. My typical day is filled with roles as Study Coordinator (to facilitate the operations of clinical trials at my hospital), pharmacist for some clinical trials and investigator for investigator-initiated researches. I am also one of the reviewers for low-risk investigator-initiated researches. I am also involved in conduct of research-related workshops to healthcare workers.

  3. Why did you decide to study at Monash University Malaysia?

    Monash University provides the gateway to an international education at an affordable fee. The holistic and innovative nature of an Australian education is another important factor for me to decide to study at Monash University Malaysia, whereby the students are not bound to pedagogical learning methods.

  4. How has your study in Monash Malaysia helped prepare you for the working world?

    Monash Malaysia's unique curriculum equipped me skills in active learning, whereby we were taught to be prepared for the uncertainties. Technical knowledge could be obsolete in astonishing speed, especially in healthcare field. Evidence-based medicine was covered substantially in our curriculum. The core principles of evidence-based medicine gave me an advantage at work whereby patient care/approaches could be updated through application of the findings in the scientific literature. Next, the university facilitated me to have exposure to various fields of pharmacy practice (e.g. hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, rural pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry) which helped me to decide on the working pathway upon graduation.

  5. What did you love most about your student life at Monash?

    The conducive environment for studying, supportive coursemates, ever-helpful lecturers, and the ample resources available (IT, references etc)!

  6. What was most challenging and memorable during your time in Monash?

    Juggling various assignments with similar deadlines during the final semester, which effectively trained me in my time-management skills! My participation in the School of Pharmacy’s Innoaccelerator Challenge is one of the most memorable events during my student days. I learnt a lot from my peers on creativity and excellent presentation skills.

  7. What would be the one word to sum it all up?


  8. What is your advice to current Monash Malaysia students?

    Have fun in your university days, and make good use of the various resources/facilities available!