Steven Wong Siew Por

Honours degree of Bachelor of Science (2012)
Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management) (2011)

If you are working, who is your current employer and what is your role?

I am a freelance nature guide and eco-trip organiser with Nature Inspired.

Why did you choose Monash Malaysia?

The Monash University name certainly has a lot of prestige, and studying at an Australian University locally was a lot more economical that studying abroad for a whole 3 years.

While at Monash, what type of opportunities did you participate in?

I went on a student exchange program on my second year to the Clayton campus and it was amazing. I made a lot of new friends, got closer to my buddies that were on the same exchange program and lived abroad for an extended period of time. Experiencing Australian culture has certainly changed my worldview and changed who I am as a person for the better.

What insights, skills or experience made a difference to your own life or the lives of others around you?

During my second year, I studied Tropical Terrestrial Biology and learned how to look for animals in the field. This skill allowed me to be an effective in-house ecologist at my previous workplace and allowed me to pursue a career in freelance nature guide specialising in nightwalks and wildlife observation.

What do you love most about your student life at Monash?

I think most graduates would think back about their University time and reminisce on the freedom they experienced and the connections that they made.

If you moved to come study at Monash, where did you live? How did you find that experience?

I live in Cheras, KL. And when I was on exchange to Clayton campus I stayed on campus, in Farrer Hall. It was a blast!

Outside work or study, were you able to build on your interest (volunteering, mentoring other students, other educational pursuit )?

Since graduating, I have been an active volunteer for Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), I run the Herpetofauna Special Interest Group, MNS Selangor Branch.

If you are a graduate, have the experiences you have been talking about above made a difference to the way you approach your work and your career?

Going on field trips and doing field work has certainly given me the skills needed for my current line of work, be it animal spotting, animal identification or trip planning.

What is your goal/dream in life?

Being self-employed and financially independent and promoting nightwalks as an activity/recreation that is safe, fun, educational and easy to do in Malaysia.

What is your advice to current Monash Malaysia students?

Set clear goals and pursue your dreams, but if life takes you on a different path, it’s okay to let go of those dreams and make new ones. Humans are subject to change.