Discovering career opportunities

The annual 2-day career fair featured 50 employers which included big names such as Maybank, Sunway, IBM, Deloitte, Nielsen, Shell, KPMG, Huawei and many more, offering students with various job opportunities and internships.

“Research and excellence are very important for a university, but our main purpose is to educate our students, build human capital, prepare students for jobs and link them up with potential employers. So we’re celebrating our community that is very rich with all our industry partners. Welcome back to all who have been here before and a special welcome to those who are here for the first time, we’re glad to have you all as partners for this event,” said Professor Andrew Walker, Monash Malaysia President and Pro Vice-Chancellor.

What do employers actually look for when hiring? Here are what some company representatives said.

Problem-solving skills

“We are looking for students who are majoring in IT and Accounting who meets our minimum CGPA requirement. But we also look for those with great communication skills, know how to carry themselves, are able to work independently and most importantly, possess problem-solving skills.” - IBM Malaysia

Proactive and good attitude

“We generally look for those with a Medical Science or Bio-Technology background because they need to have knowledge of the medical terms. Proactivity is important, as well as attitude. We are attracted to humble characters and those willing to learn.” - AIA Shared Services

Passion and drive

“In general, we’re looking for someone with passion, not just in commerce, but in general because only someone with passion will have the drive to achieve. This is not something we can teach or train a person to have, but a person with drive can definitely deliver job-wise. - Shopee

Leadership skills

Monash Malaysia alumni member, Dedi Lee, who is currently employed at Maybank under the Global Maybank Apprentice program believes that employers look beyond just CGPA requirements. Leadership, analytical and good communication skills speak to a person’s value and also is beneficial to become a future leader in the company you work for.

The Monash Career Fair is a yearly event organised by the External Engagement Department and features various talks and activities in the weeks leading up to it.