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Monash Discovery Week

12-20 June 2021

It was a fantastic week! Chat with us if you have more enquiries.

Science Matters

● Saturday, 12 June 2021
● 11am - 12.30pm (Malaysia Time)

Curious about the life of a science student? What does a science degree mean for your future? Get the answers and more from our panel of esteemed academic staff, alumni and student ambassadors!


11am Forum: Science careers in and beyond the lab (Panel of academic staff, and alumni from industry and academia)
12noon The Monash science experience by student ambassadors

Monash Webinar Series

Thursday, 17 June 2021
1pm - 5pm (Malaysia Time)

Your career possibilities are endless with a Monash degree. Join our academic experts to explore careers in the diverse areas of study.

  • 1pm
    Dr Priyia Pusparajah
    Medicine and Health Sciences

    Dr Priyia Pusparajah is a Senior Lecturer at Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Her research interests are focused on bioprospecting for substances with therapeutic applications; in particular from mangrove derived microbes and plants.

  • 1.30pm
    Associate Professor Siow Lee Fong

    Dr Siow Lee Fong is an Associate Professor and the Head of Discipline, Food and Physical Sciences at the School of Science. She has a strong passion in her research areas and vast experience in supervising honours projects and postgraduate research.

  • 2pm
    Dr Bhuvan KC

    Dr Bhuvan KC is a lecturer of clinical pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy. Dr Bhuvan’s research focuses on quality use of medicines, travel health, and pain pharmacotherapeutics.

  • 2.30pm
    Dr Vanlal Thanzamiy

    Dr Vanlal is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Undergraduate Psychology Programs Coordinator at Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

  • 3pm
    Professor Helen Nesadurai
    Arts & Social Sciences

    Dr Helen is a Professor of International Political Economy at the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Her experience in the policy and consultancy research area has been of great value in making sure that the academic curriculum has important links to real-world application and the development of student skills to compete in a global world.

  • 3.30pm
    Dr Manjit Sandhu

    Dr Manjit Singh Sandhu is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Management, School of Business. His principal research interest lies in several closely related domains in management specifically focusing on various topics that include internationalisation of firms, knowledge sharing or hiding, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, ethics and sustainability.

  • 4pm
    Dr M E Raghunandan

    Dr. Raghunandan is a Senior Lecturer in Geomechanics, Civil Engineering Discipline at the School of Engineering. Dr Raghu's research expertise/interest focus mainly in the fields of soil dynamics and geotechnical earthquake engineering, environmental geotechnics and transportation geotechnics.

  • 4.30pm
    Associate Professor Anuja Dharmaratne
    Information Technology

    Dr Anuja is an Associate Head (Education) at School of Information Technology. She is teaching core Computer Science subjects for the undergraduates of Bachelor of Computer Science degree program. Further, she is supervising PhD students in the areas of Image Processing, 3D modeling, Machine Learning and Affective Computing.

Virtual Application Day

● Sunday, 20 June 2021
● 11am - 4pm (Malaysia Time)


◉ Chat with academic experts from Malaysia and Australia

◉ Explore our campus with a virtual tour

◉ Get the inside scoop from our students

◉ Talk: Monash University Foundation Year

◉ Talk: Your journey to becoming a doctor