Top 5 reasons to study at Monash Malaysia

Exchange students from all the world love studying at Monash Malaysia. Hear from them for yourself!


We are huge on our food culture. Malaysia is one of those countries where if you find yourself hungry at 3am in the morning, there are bound to be places still open for service! We often describe ourselves as a ‘big melting pot’, and our delicious food reflects the multi-ethnic makeup of our population.


You will find it easy to use our public transport network system to get around town. Otherwise, there are ride sharing apps which you can rely on. Apart from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, there is also the Subang Skypark Terminal to get you in and out of the country!


Cost of living in Malaysia are comparatively much lower than that of Western countries and Japan. On a reasonable budget, you can cover your living and entertainment costs and have money spare to travel.


Malaysia enjoys tropical weather all year round where it is hot and humid, interspersed with tropical rain showers. The climate is very pleasant and the weather is characterised by warm sunny days and slightly cooler nights, making Malaysia a great place to live.

Stunning landscapes

You will fall in love with our beaches, rainforests, islands and natural monuments. We are also home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whatever you fancy, there is something to keep you occupied every week!

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