Exchange Program

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International exchange program

What is international exchange?

If your home institution has an exchange agreement in place with us, then you are able to study at a Monash campus on exchange for one or two semesters.

We have reciprocal student exchange arrangements with more than 100 universities worldwide. Please refer to our exchange partner list to determine if your university is one of our partners.

Not from a partner university?

If your university is not a Monash Abroad partner but you are still interested to experience studying in South East Asia, the fee-paying Study Abroad program is for you.

How does it work?

As an exchange student you will:

  • enrol full-time (18-24 credit points) at a Monash campus
  • continue to pay your regular tuition fees to your home university
  • receive a Monash academic transcript with grades upon completion – depending on the arrangement with your home university, you may receive credit for the courses you study at Monash towards your home degree
  • get help finding accommodation
  • receive support and services while you are on exchange at Monash

What can I study?

Monash Malaysia offers a vast array of units for you to study. While unit syllabuses are similar across all Monash campuses, you will find that each Monash campus also offers localised units providing a unique exchange experience at these specific campuses.

Popular localised units that are offered at Monash Malaysia include for example, the Malaysian Studies, Contemporary Feminisms in Asia as well as Genders, sexualities and religions in Southeast Asia from the School of Arts and Social Sciences. Other interesting units include Environmental Science: A Southeast Asian Perspective offered at the School of Science as well as Leadership in Asia, Business in Asia and Islamic Business offered at the School of Business.

For language enthusiasts, the Malay Language is a non-credit earning unit, ideal for those who wish to learn the local language during their exchange in Malaysia. Find out more about your study options at Monash University Malaysia.

How much will it cost?

The cost of living in Malaysia is affordable, coupled with the possibility for low-cost travel around the South East Asia region during the semester break and end of semester. Your exchange to Monash Malaysia would also not incur additional tuition fees as fees are paid to your home university, just as they would be if you weren’t on an exchange.

However, accommodation, travel and entertainment costs are not included in your fees, therefore, you are advised to budget for these items just as you would at home. You will also need to take into consideration the cost of compulsory insurance and visas.

You may be eligible for a scholarship from your home university or government, and other externally funded bodies may offer scholarships for students to study overseas. Please consult your exchange program coordinators to determine your options before you leave home.

Ready to apply

Because your university has an exchange agreement with us, you need to apply through them. Talk to your exchange program coordinators to find out what you need to do to make Monash your first preference.