Chun MinSoo

Enjoy your studies

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (2011)

1. Full name / Age / Nationality.

Chun MinSoo / 27 years old / Korean


2. Where are you working / studying presently, and describe your general work scope. 

I am still studying at Monash Malaysia towards a Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Honours) degree. My supervisors are Dr Grace Lee and Professor Eduard Bomhoff. I am a novice research student looking forward to produce a decent thesis!


3. Why did you choose to study at Monash University Malaysia?

Its academic reputation attracted me. The location of Monash was another advantage where public transportation and other facilities were conveniently within reach. Most importantly, it appealed to me that the university provided Australian education in Malaysia. I believed that the combination of Western education and the unique Malaysian culture would benefit my future. Also, the facilities and well-prepared academic materials would boost an individual student's potential. 


4. Describe your study experience at Monash University Malaysia.

When I enrolled in 2008, I did not participate any extra-curricular activities. After I came back in 2012, I worked as a Research Assistant for further academic experiences. I temporarily assume the presidential position in the Korean Association to care for Korean students.

During Career Week every semester, Monash provided a great opportunities for students to be exposed to industrial and corporate experience. Unfortunately, I did engage in any internships. However, I personally took up part time jobs. I worked as an interpreter for many Korean firms that want to expand their export markets into Malaysia. I met many local entrepreneurs and I picked up good business skills from them. I also worked part time for Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation as a Malaysian market researcher.

Together with my life experiences, life in Monash helped me to open my eyes to a different world. Despite still being a student, my undergraduate course helped me to think critically. Now I am writing a thesis paper, so Monash definitely helped me to reach this far.  


5. What advice would you offer to the current students on how to succeed in university?

When I talk to many students, I often notice that students select units that would yield high marks on average. Maybe others see things differently, but I would like to suggest that students to choose units they are interested in. By doing so, students could enjoy their studies.


6. What do you love most about your student life at Monash University Malaysia?

I would say Monash Malaysia is one of the most culturally diversified universities compared to others. It is very interesting to talk with students from different countries and learn about their countries things that we may not learn from the Internet. I am quite happy to see that the university is investing in school facilities to the benefit of students. Lastly, I have attended many open lectures and hands-on sessions in my field of study. It is interesting to attend lectures by professors from other universities.