Emily Chin Li Ann

Name: Emily Chin Li Ann
Age: 22
Nationality: Malaysian

Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology)

Where are you working/studying presently?

I’m a Junior Nutritionist in MPlus Pharmacy. I deal with suppliers, provide advice to customers on nutritional food and work on natural remedies and organic part of the pharmacy. I also provide advice to customers based on their health scan (which is free), and recommend what should be taken in order to improve their health.

Why did you decide to study at Monash University Malaysia?

I made my decision based on its proper study environment and reputable lecturers. It is also well known as a research university.

What/who influenced your decision in choosing Monash?

My parents advised me but ultimately the decision was mine.

Please describe your study experience at Monash University Malaysia.

The lecturers were good and were always willing to provide consultations when required. They always came prepared. There were also tons of activities that we could pursue during our free time such rock climbing, hanging out in the MUSA lounge and visiting the occasional bazaars.

Were there any obstacles faced while studying here? How did you overcome these?

There were difficulties when it came to doing my assignments but my coursemates and lecturers helped me get through them.

What qualities did you acquire during your studies at Monash University Malaysia that were beneficial/helpful to you in the working world?

I developed critical thinking and analysis skills. I’m also able to work independently and with groups.  

Do you think that having received a Monash education was beneficial to you when you first entered the working world? How?

Yes. Monash is a prestigious university and with its certificate, it was easier to get into the working world. Monash has shaped me to be better versed with critical thinking and exposed me to the working environment.

What advice would you offer to current students who wish to attain success in University?

Prepare and make notes before each lecture from the slides to get an idea what the class is about.

Please name one memorable educational experience for you at Monash University Malaysia.

The opportunity to exchange to Monash Clayton Campus.