Ng Hsing Shan

"What I love most about Monash is that it allowed me to meet new people and to work with them."

Bachelor of Business and Commerce and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (2016)

  1. Full name / nationality.

    Ng Hsing Shan / Malaysian.

  2. If you are working, who is your current employer and what is your role?

    Currently working for Monash University Malaysia under the External Relation, Development and Alumni division. My position held in the current job is Events Executive where our focus is towards helping, guiding and ensuring that events held by students, staff and externals run in the effective manner.

  3. Why did you choose Monash Malaysia?

    I chose Monash Malaysia because of its pronoun recognition in the global market.

  4. While at Monash, what type of opportunities did you participate in?

    While studying here, I got the opportunity to participate in the exchange program and head to Monash Australia. This gave me the opportunity to study and appreciate the Australian culture, lifestyle and food and drinks.

  5. What insights, skills or experience made a difference to your own life or the lives of others around you?

    One of the many skills received in the last four years is obtaining research skills that taught me the importance of selecting and trusting the types of information used. Many of our assessments required us to work in teams to brainstorm effective and creative ways to carry out the project/ assessments. Additionally, doing a double degree has taught me to be more flexible in the way I think and carry out my work load.

  6. Whilst at Monash, did you have any industry exposure/placements? How has it benefited you?

    I didn’t carry out any internship during my studies but I was in charge of a project called MIMMA (Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts). The project allowed me to gain real life working experience, expand my social circle and to learn more about production in general.

  7. What do you love most about your student life at Monash?

    What I love most about Monash is that it allowed me to meet new people and to work with them. This includes both in class (assessment) and out of class (Monash Student Union). This has taught me to be more independent in how to balance my work, social and personal life.

  8. What is your goal/dream in life, where are you headed to in the future?

    My goal in the near future is to discover the consumer wants and make it into a market demand. Opening up my own business has been a dream I would work towards.

  9. What is your advice to current Monash Malaysia students?

    Enjoy your university life. I know exams and assignments may be stressful and hard. But think about the things you will gain in the process of carrying them out. This includes meeting new friends, partners, social groups and contacts that will be helpful in the near future. Good luck to all!