Alumni benefits

One of the biggest benefits of graduating from Monash is joining a global community of some 375,000 alumni who live and work all over the world.

And one of the biggest rewards of being a Monash Malaysia graduate is belonging to an elite group of Monash alumni who are well-placed to benefit from the Asian Century, in which the world’s economic, cultural, social and political centre of gravity is shifting from west to east.

Get involved

Take advantage of your privileged position by providing us with your contact details and getting involved in Monash alumni activities across our campuses in Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, China and India, or wherever Monash graduates live and work.

Renew friendships, build networks

By getting involved, you can reconnect with lost classmates, revive fond memories and forge links that open new possibilities. We can add you to our list of Monash alumni networks and contacts, where you can find old classmates or Monash alumni living or working nearby – and they can find you.

Be inspired

You can also draw inspiration from our alumni success stories, including of prominent and distinguished alumni and those who have made it in print.

Subscribe to Alumni eNews

By subscribing to Alumni eNews, you’ll keep up with the latest alumni happenings and events and keep alive the sense of pride, achievement and ambition that marked your time at Monash. And don’t forget to keep an eye on news and events for local alumni action.

Library access for lifelong learning

Another benefit of being a Monash Malaysia alumni is gaining access to our library facilities and resources and complimentary registration to selected electronic databases to keep up with the latest research and developments in your field of expertise.